Assault Rifle CS-RC

Lt Col. Kazi Darrette wielding an Assault Rifle CS-RC. (XM8)

The Assault Rifle CS-RC is a common Weapon used by the C.S.S.O. The Assault Rifle is an Automatic weapon, which is greatly appreciated by the troopers of C.S.S.O.

Advantages And DisadvantagesEdit


1. The Assault Rifle has a decent knockback, making it good at repelling enemies.

2. Because of the fast rate of fire, the Rifle is able to fend off multiple opponents, and is also good for blind-firing.

3. Because of its reasonably accuracy and low recoil, the Rifle can also be used for precision shots and headshots.


1. The lower upgrade versions are much more inaccurate, making them ineffective at long ranges.

2. The Rifle is a jack of all trade, but master of none. Its fire rate is bested by the Minigun or Advanced Rifle, accuracy by the Alien Rifle and Alien shotgun aswell as rail guns, and knockback by the Shotgun and Advanced Shotgun.