Lt. Kazi Darrette and Maj. UnKnowned Project is wearing the C.S Leader armor.

=The Picture=

Fun Pic that is screenshotted by UnKnowned himself.

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This armor which is red in color is worn high ranked C.S.S.O and C.S.S.T members. The rank that can be worned is Major to Leader's rank. The highest ranked members can only wear the suits when approved. It cannot be weared freely by any C.S.S.O membere wihout being permitted by the C.S.S.O leader.

This suit is also wore by the high ranked soldiers of C.S.S.T members. The rank that can wear is Lieutenant to Leader's rank. The suit is special only to the high ranked members and not available for low ranking members of C.S.S.T and C.S.S.O.

Benefits and Negative BenefitsEdit

Benefits: Its light like the C.S: Lite armor. It fits perfectly and more comfortable than the original one. Same benefits as the C.S: Lite Armor but more special and advanced than the regular version of it.

Negative Benefits: Easily damaged by opponent (Player dies easily).

Ranks that wears itEdit

C.S.S.O: Major -> Field Major -> General -> Co-Leader -> Leader

C.S.S.T: Lieutenant -> Commander -> Co-Leader -> Leader