Grenades used in Single Player mode by Cpl. UnKnowned Shadow

Information The Grenades is another, favoured item by the troopers at C.S.S.O. If these objects could be used in multiplayer, it would be fairly good as an offensive weapon. As they have higher damage than the grenade launcher.

Now Grenades are accessible in PB2 in 1.17v updated by Eric Gurt. As i checked, He made the grenades usable in PB2 Multiplayer from Now on.

Advantages and Disadvantages


1. Grenades does more damage than the Grenade Launcher.

2. Able to jump higher with one grenade, which is not compared to Grenade Launcher. (Can be known as self-boost using grenades.)

3. The grenade glows red as a warning before explode, which gives us a time to evade from the grenade before it explodes (Unless the person's reaction time is precise).


1. Grenades only have a limit of 6 Grenades

2. Its harder to aim and throw using grenades.

3. It explodes in a second/immediately after it is thrown, no matter if it hits its enemy or not.

4. A Grenade or more will be wasted if not used or thrown properly.

5. Not able to glitch through walls or thrown through walls unlike the Grenade Launcher.