The appearance of the human pistol which Corporal UnKnowned Shadow is holding.

[Picture of Pistol]


A common gun used by the C.S.S.F and C.S.S.T members in any wars as its the most trusted backup weapon to hold off enemies.

Commonly used by all C.S.S.F and C.S.S.T Members in their training, war and etc.

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

Advantage: 1. Pistol has an average damage and recoil.

2. One, Two or more headshots can take down an enemy easily (I tested to do this).

3. Average recoil can hold back one or two enemies that rushes but the recoil is not much powerful.


1. Slow firing rate. Will have a hard time holding back enemies.

2. Low damage on other parts of the body (Shot on the leg or body etc.).