Cpl. UnKnowned Shadow is using the Shotgun CS-DAZ

The Shotgun CS-DAZ is a powerful shotgun that many of the troopers in C.S.S.O like to use. As the weapon is favoured by many troopers, it is given to our troopers in battle almost everytime.


1. As the weapon is very good at close range, it can deal devastating damage to weak opponents.

2. The rate of fire on the Shotgun CS-DAZ is fast, which is good for dealing multiple damage on an opponent repeatedly.

3. If there is a wall that bounces off bullets, It can hit the opponent on any sides due to its spreading bullets.

4. Its recoil at close to medium range is very fairly easy to push back opponents.

5. A single bullet from a shotgun can deal a quarter or more damage. (Usually less than 20 damage)


1. Due to the lack of accuracy at far range, the trooper will have trouble eliminating the enemy.

2. Because of its Spread shot, It has a rare chance (Around 10-50%) to headshot an opponent.

3. Firing the shotgun from the distant can make it hard to push back the enemies.